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Friday, 23 July 2010


Gray Area: Komodo

Hell yes I expect you to sympathize for a killer lizard!

My mum came back from a trip to Komodo Island which is basically an island a few hours off from Bali that's filled with Komodo Dragons. She was showing us pictures of the place and all the creeping lizards, it actually sort of freaked me out but at the same time I really wanted to go there. There was this one picture of a trophy (if you could call it that) which is basically just a bunch of animal heads and remains (in bone form) that have fallen victim to the massive, killer lizards. It was disturbing, grotesque but at the same time necessary especially when you take into consideration the amount of dragons are on the island, I mean there wasn't that many casualties in comparison.

Dad pointed out how small they were and then mum told us how she saw this 40 year-old dragon that was so thin that you can practically see its ribs, some would say model chic others would say poor creature. And it was just sad that a protected species might just die from starvation. So for those reading this, help our brothers out, if they can survive all those ice ages, they should survive our age of exploitation. Reach out, take one for the team :)

From the pictures, some of the dragons were actually creeping around the houses apparently looking for food. Know what that reminds me of? "Dingo ate my baby!"

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